NASA's Mars Global Surveyor acquired this image on April 5, 1998 of Cydonia Region, Mars.

Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) image of a 4.42 by 82.94 km area of the Cydonia Region. The left image is raw, the right has been filtered and contrast enhanced. A full resolution, TIFF formatted version of this image is available for direct downloading here: PIA01236.tiff. Warning: This image is 4.2 Megabytes in size!

Orbit: 220

Range: 444.21 km

Resolution: 4.32 m/pixel

Image dimensions: 4.42 km X 82.94 km

Line time: 0.69 msec

Emission angle: 44.66 degrees

Incidence angle: 64.96 degrees

Phase angle: 61.97 degrees

Scan rate: ~0.1 degree/sec

Start time: periapsis + 375 sec

Sequence submitted to JPL: Sat 04/04/98 15:15 PST

Image acquired by MOC: Sun 04/05/98 00:39:37 PST

Data retrieved from JPL: Mon 04/06/98 9:05 PDT

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