This is the right image of a stereo pair taken by NASA's Sojourner rover in the area behind the 'Rock Garden' at the Pathfinder landing site and gives a view of the Martian surface not seen from the lander. Sol 1 began on July 4, 1997.

This is the right image of a stereo image pair taken by the Sojourner rover's front cameras was taken on Sol 76. The "Twin Peaks" (about 1 km away) are seen on the right horizon, as is "Big Crater" (2.2 km away) at left. This new [sic] viewing perspective shows dunes and rocks not visible from the Pathfinder Lander.

This image and PIA01584 (left eye) make up a stereo pair.

Mars Pathfinder is the second in NASA's Discovery program of low-cost spacecraft with highly focused science goals. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, developed and manages the Mars Pathfinder mission for NASA's Office of Space Science, Washington, D.C. JPL is a division of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

Photojournal note: Sojourner spent 83 days of a planned seven-day mission exploring the Martian terrain, acquiring images, and taking chemical, atmospheric and other measurements. The final data transmission received from Pathfinder was at 10:23 UTC on September 27, 1997. Although mission managers tried to restore full communications during the following five months, the successful mission was terminated on March 10, 1998.

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