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Space Technology 6: Testing Tomorrow's Technology Today!
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Autonomous Sciencecraft   |   Inertial Stellar Compass


About the Experiment:  Space Technology 6, part of NASA's New Millennium Program, hosts two advanced, experimental technologies. One, the Autonomous Sciencecraft Experiment, incorporates autonomous capabilities, many of which are "firsts." This technology, called Sciencecraft, is being developed in partnership between NASA, academia, the military, and several commercial companies.

Project Manager: Arthur B. Chmielewski, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Experiment Manager:  Robert Sherwood, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

About the Technology: The Autonomous Sciencecraft Experiment allows radically different missions to implement significant onboard decision-making capabilities, which may lead to novel science opportunities.

Major Contractors/Contributors:   NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Goddard Space Flight Center, the University of Arizona, Arizona State University, and Interface Control Systems

EO1 Satellite
Illustration of NMP's EO1 satellite, already in orbit.

Start of Operations:   2003

Spacecraft Host:  the New Millennium Program's in-orbit Earth Observer 1

Technology Launch:  early 2004

Launch Mass:   Software only

Outreach Coordinator/Manager:  Nancy J. Leon, New Millennium Program, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Contact for more info:   Steve Chien, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Date information last updated:  November, 2003



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