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artist concept of Near-Earth objects  

February 2007 -- Learn about those intriguing asteroids and comets, and how JPL scientists use advanced technologies to detect and track Near-Earth objects that have the potential to one day come close to Earth.

Video: CSI - Comet/Asteroid Scene Investigation
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Watch a team of JPL scientists track asteroids and comets.

Podcast: Making Sure the Sky Is Not Falling
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An audio podcast interview with NASA's expert asteroid hunters.

Quiz: Near-Earth Objects
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Find out how much you know about asteroids and comets that may come near Earth's neighborhood.

Interactive: Keeping an Eye on Space Rocks
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With increasing regularity, scientists are discovering asteroids and comets with unusual orbits -- ones that take them close to Earth and the sun. Find out why scientists keep an eye on these space rocks.

Visit the Near-Earth Object Program site to learn more about the mission.