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Mission to Mars' north poloar region Phoenix Mars Lander
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  Artist   11/10/2008 -- Phoenix
The Mars Lander surpassed its original three-month mission, lasting five months in the Martian northern plains, digging up scientific 'firsts' along the way.
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  Phoenix's   11/10/2008 -- Phoenix - A Tribute
After a picture-perfect landing, the Phoenix Mars Lander returned unprecedented views and new findings from Mars' north polar region.
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  A   7/30/2008 -- Zenith Movie showing Phoenix's Lidar Beam
A laser beam from the Canadian-built lidar instrument on NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander can be seen in this contrast-enhanced sequence of 10 images.
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  Phoenix   6/11/2008 -- Phoenix Mars Landing: Nerves and Joy
Animation and mission control video from Mars Phoenix landing day May 25, 2008.
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  Mission   5/26/2008 -- Phoenix Landing - Nerves and Joy
This video includes highlights from the entry, descent and landing phase as Mars Phoenix Lander touched down on the Red Planet on May 25, 2008.
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  Looking   5/26/2008 -- Looking out Across the Martian Polar Plains
This movie shows the vast plains of the northern polar region of Mars, as seen by NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander shortly after touching down on the Red Planet.
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  artist   5/25/2008 -- Mars Landing Challenge -- Big Science Ahead
Scientists plan intriguing research, once Phoenix lands safely on Mars.
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  parachute   5/24/2008 -- Drop Tests of Phoenix Parachute and Radar
This video shows testing of two systems that are critical for NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander to get through the Martian atmosphere and safely onto the ground on May 25.
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  still   5/22/2008 -- Guided Tour of Mars Landing
Rob Manning, chief engineer for JPL's Mars Program, walks us through a simulation of the Mars Phoenix landing.
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  artist   5/15/2008 -- Phoenix: Landing a Backhoe on Mars
NASA's Phoenix mission will dig beneath Mars' northern polar arctic in search of signs of ancient habitats of possible organisms that may have flourished billions of years ago.

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