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Mission to Mars' north poloar region Phoenix Mars Lander
Mission overview
  Media Briefing: Sept. 29, 11 a.m. Pacific
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  NASA will hold a media briefing Monday, Sept. 29, at 11 a.m. PDT, to discuss the latest developments, findings and upcoming science opportunities of the Phoenix Mars Lander. The briefing will take place in the James E. Webb Auditorium at NASA Headquarters, 300 E St., S.W., Washington. It will be carried live on NASA Television and on the Web.

Phoenix landed on Mars May 25, and officially ended its prime mission Aug. 26. Now in extended operations, the lander is continuing to study a northern arctic site, investigating if the environment there has ever been favorable for microbial life.

Local reporters are invited to watch the briefing via satellite at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif., with two-way question-and-answer capability. Media who would like to watch at JPL must RSVP to the Media Relations Office at 818-354-5011. Valid media credentials are required. Non-U.S. citizens must also bring passports.

Reporters may also participate worldwide via phone. To reserve a line, call Steve Cole at 202-358-0918.

Participants will be:

- Doug McCuistion, Mars Exploration Program director, NASA Headquarters, Washington
- Barry Goldstein, Phoenix project manager, JPL
- William Boynton, lead scientist, Thermal and Evolved-Gas Analyzer, University of Arizona, Tucson
- Michael Hecht, lead scientist, Microscopy, Electrochemistry and Conductivity Analyzer, JPL
- Leslie Tamppari, Phoenix project scientist, JPL
- Jim Whiteway, lead scientist, Phoenix Meteorological Station, York University, Toronto, Canada
- Peter Smith, Phoenix principal investigator, University of Arizona, Tucson

For more information about NASA TV, streaming video, and downlink and schedule information, visit: .

You can listen to media briefings live at

You can listen to past media telecons on media telecon page.

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    11/10/2008 -- Phoenix - A Tribute
After a picture-perfect landing, the Phoenix Mars Lander returned unprecedented views and new findings from Mars' north polar region.
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› Play video
    11/10/2008 -- Phoenix
The Mars Lander surpassed its original three-month mission, lasting five months in the Martian northern plains, digging up scientific 'firsts' along the way.
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› Play video
    9/29/2008 -- Martian Sunrise at Phoenix Landing Site, Sol 101
This sequence of nine images taken by the Surface Stereo Imager on NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander shows the sun rising on the morning of the lander's 101st Martian day after landing.
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› Play animation
    9/29/2008 -- Color Mission Success Pan
Full-Circle Color Panorama of Phoenix Lander Deck and Landing Site on Northern Mars, Animation
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› Play animation
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  Images   › All images
  Microscope Image of a Martian Soil Surface Sample   9/29/2008 -- Microscope Image of a Martian Soil Surface Sample
This is the closest view of the material underneath NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander. This sample was taken from the top centimeter of the Martian soil, and this image from the lander's Optical Microscope demonstrates its overall composition.
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  Microscope Image of Scavenged Particles   9/29/2008 -- Microscope Image of Scavenged Particles
This image from NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander's Optical Microscope shows a strongly magnetic surface which has scavenged particles from within the microscope enclosure before a sample delivery from the lander's Robotic Arm.
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