Artist Rendering of the Genesis Spacecraft

The launch of NASA's Genesis spacecraft aboard a Delta II rocket has been postponed to no earlier than Wednesday, Aug. 1.

The spacecraft contains two power supply components, one within each of the two star trackers, similar to components that recently failed during a simulated space radiation environment test unrelated to Genesis. NASA and the Genesis project decided that additional time is needed for further test and evaluation to provide assurance that the flight hardware on Genesis will be able to meet the requirements of the mission.

"We feel confident that the components on the spacecraft will meet the mission requirements," said Chet Sasaki, Genesis project manager at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

"The testing being done at Lockheed Martin in Denver will subject the components to higher doses of radiation than they would normally be expected to see in space. We anticipate the tests will give us confidence that the Genesis spacecraft has adequate margins," added Sasaki.

On Aug. 1, the two-minute launch window opens at 12:31:38 p.m. EDT (9:31:38 a.m. PDT).