Astronaut pay a visit to Surveyor 3

The fourth of a series of Surveyor spacecraft, designed to soft land on the moon, will be launched from Cape Kennedy during a launch period beginning Thursday, July 13, and ending Monday, July 17.

The press room will be open at JPL at 3 a.m. PDT Thursday. The launch window for the first day opens at 4 a.m. PDT.

Commentary on the mission will be provided during major events. The flight time to the moon will be about 65 hours. If Surveyor succeeds in the soft landing and returns lunar photo- graphs to earth, picture release will be at JPL.

This Surveyor will again be equipped with a device to dig into the lunar soil. The payload on this flight will also include, for the first time, a magnetic test device which will utilize a small magnet to determine if the lunar soil contains magnetic material.

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