Illustration of the Mariner 2 spacecraft



Microwave Radiometer Determine the temperature of the planet surface and details concerning its atmosphere. Dr. A.H. Barrett, MIT; D.E. Jones, JPL; Dr. J. Copeland, Army Ordnance Missile Command; Dr. A. E. Lilley, Harvard College Observatory.

Infrared Radiometer Determine any fine structure of the cloud layer. Dr. L.D.Kaplan JPL & Univ. of NV; Dr. G. Neugebauer, JPL; Dr. C. Sagan, Univ. of Calif., Berkeley.

Magnetometer Measure changes in the planetary and interplanetary magnetic fields. P.J. Coleman, NASA; Dr. L. Davis, Caltech; Dr. E.J. Smith, JPL; Dr. C.P. Sonett, NASA.

Ion Chamber Particle Flux Detector Measure charged-particle intensity and distribution in interplanetary space and in the vicinity of the planet. Dr. H.R. Anderson, JPL; Dr. H.V. Neher, Caltech; Dr. J. Van Allen, State University of Iowa.

Cosmic Dust Detector Measure the density and direction of cosmic dust. W.M. Alexander, NASA; Goddard Space Flight Center.

Solar Plasma Spectrometer Measure the intensity of low energy protons from the sun. M. Neubegauer, & Dr. C. W. Snyder, JPL.

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