Artist concept of Seasat

A pre-launch press briefing on Seasat-A will be held at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, at 10 A.M., PDT, June 22, in the Bldg. 167 conference room (main cafeteria building).

Seasat is new concept in Earth orbiting satellites designed to monitor 95% of the world's oceans each 36 hours. Microwave sensors, including powerful new radar, will measure wave heights, currents, surface temperature, ice conditions and storms. The data will be used by shipping companies, meteorologists and oceanographers.

Launch is scheduled for June 26, at the Vandenberg Air force Base near Lompoc, Calif. The launch vehicle is an AtlasAgena.

A press room will open June 24th at the Lions Inn, 1417 No. H. Street in Lompoc. press bus will leave at 4:30 P.M. on June 26, for the launch site. Due to wind conditions, bring heavy jacket if you plan to cover the launch.

The press room phone is 805-275-2781.

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