NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

Officials of the Department of Medicine of the University of Southern California and Caltech's JPL have signed an agreement to initiate cooperative biomedical research.

Under terms of the five-year agreement, JPL will offer USC investigators appointments as research affiliates and use of Laboratory facilities. In turn, USC will offer JPL investigators faculty or research appointments and clinical opportunities at the USC School of Medicine.

Collaborations between JPL and USC in medical research have existed for more than decade, but the new agreement establishes formal relationship in developing new tasks and in seeking federal, industrial and philanthropic funding for clinical, space medical and other research projects.

Continuing tasks for USC at JPL include the development of computerized image enhancement systems for cardiovascular research and the study of atherosclerotic disease.

The agreement was jointly developed by Douglas O'Handley, Ph.D., manager of JPL's Biomedical Research program, and by David H. Blankenhorn, M.D., Professor of Medicine and Director of Atherosclerosis Research at USC. The agreement was signed at JPL on May 25, l982, by Laboratory Director Dr. Bruce C. Murray Allen W. Mathies, Jr. M.D., Dean of the USC School of Medicine, and Joseph Van Der Meulen, vice president of Health Affairs at USC School of Medicine.

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