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Achievements as diverse as comet studies and managing programs for small businesses have earned 1985 NASA Honor Awards for 20 employees of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Medals for those honorees, and commendations for seven JPL work teams being honored with group awards, will be presented in ceremony Thursday, Dec. 5, in JPL's von Karman Auditorium. One member of the public will also receive an individual award.

JPL Director Lew Allen will preside during the ceremonies, beginning at 9:30 a.m. Dr. Burton I. Edelson, NASA associate administrator for space science and applications, will make remarks and help Dr. Allen present the awards.

The Honor Awards are given annually in recognition of outstanding achievements throughout NASA. This year's citations at JPL are for contributions in science, engineering, management, exceptional service and for variety of group efforts.

Award winners are: Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal

Four JPL employees are to receive this award:

-- Amitava Gupta of Pasadena, for exceptional contributions in understanding the effects of space environment on polymeric materials.

-- Joseph Maserjian of La Crescenta, for pioneering efforts studying radiation effects in metal-oxide- semiconductor integrated circuits.

-- Zdenek Sekanina of La Canada, for outstanding contributions in understanding the dynamics of cometary nuclei and the physical processes that govern their dust emissions.

-- Joe W. Waters of La Canada, for exceptional achievements in development and application of microwave and submillimeter remote sensing technology. Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal

Three employees will receive this award:

-- Robert E. Freeland of La Crescenta, for exceptional contributions to development and application of structures technology to large space antennas.

-- William G. Melbourne of La Canada, for outstanding leadership in spacecraft tracking, orbit determination and navigation, and for design of precise geodetic measurement technique using Global Positioning System satellites.

-- Robert Nathan of Pasadena, for exceptional contributions to planetary and scientific data analysis through conception and development of image-processing techniques. Oustanding Leadership Medal

Two JPL managers are to receive this medal:

-- Duane F. Dipprey of La Canada, for exceptional skill as an engineering manager and versatility in dealing with broad array of technical fields.

-- Gael F. Squibb of La Crescenta, for outstanding contributions as Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) project manager, especially in handling post-flight activities and establishing the IRAS Data Processing and Analysis Center. Exceptional Service Medal

Eleven JPL employees will receive this award:

-- Charles Beichman of Hollywood, for variety of contributions to the IRAS project, including hardware and software development, science planning and post-flight data analysis.

-- Edward R. Caro of Monterey Park, for exceptional achievements in development and application of spaceborne synthetic aperture radar technology.

-- Elmer L. Floyd of La Crescenta, for sustained technical contributions in the development of variety of mechanical systems for spacecraft, flight instruments and in civil applications.

-- Terry W. Koerner of La Canada, for exceptional contributions in development and demonstration of techniques for analyzing, troubleshooting and testing power subsystems for spacecraft.

-- Thomas H. May of Pasadena, for extraordinary initiative in increasing the effectiveness of the Small Business and Small Disadvantaged Business programs at JPL.

-- Sylvia L. Miller of Arcadia, for outstanding contributions in design and implementation of the all-sky survey for the IRAS mission.

-- Eni G. Njoku of Pasadena, for noteworthy contributions to the field of microwave remote sensing, particularly in measuring sea surface temperature from space.

-- Donald G. Rea of Pasadena, for consistently outstanding efforts in planning and coordination of scientific research programs, studies of future spaceflight experiments and projects, and conducting support research and technology programs at JPL.

-- Bruce T. Tsurutani of Glendale, for contributions to heliospheric plasma physics and, particularly, for work on the structure and dynamics of the Earth's distant magnetic tail using International Sun-Earth Explorer (ISEE) observations.

-- Gerald E. Voecks of La Crescenta, for success in development of catalytic processes for generation of hydrogen from liquid fuels, and for assisting transfer of such technology to the industrial production of fuel cells.

-- Ivan Dale Wells of Hesperia, for exceptional engineering contributions to the successful repair of the bearing and pedestal of the Deep Space Network's 64-meter Goldstone antenna. Public Service Medal

Raymond E. Arvidson of Washington University in St. Louis will receive this medal for his exceptional leadership and participation in number of advisory groups on science data management for NASA. Group Achievement Award

Seven groups are to be recognized in this category:

-- Goldstone 64-Meter Antenna Repair Team;

-- Networks Consolidation Program Team;

-- Photographic Support Team for the Federal Aviation Agency's aircraft controlled impact demonstration;

-- Pilot Ocean Data System Development Team;

-- Satellite Emission Radio Interferometry Earth Surveying (SERIES-X) Project Development Team;

-- Shuttle Imaging Radar (SIR-B) Development Team;

-- NASA Office of Inspector General at JPL.

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