NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

JPL and the U.S. Army-Air Force Joint Tactical Fusion Program have awarded $106 million contract to the Martin Marietta Corporation of Denver, Colo. for the development, testing and integration of components of the All- Source Analysis System/Enemy Situation Correlation Element project (ASAS/ENSCE).

The cost-plus-award fee contract announced today continues work started in January 1985 under letter contract.

ASAS/ENSCE is baseline data-processing system being designed by JPL for the Army and Air Force to satisfy tactical intelligence needs in the early 1990s. The program will employ computer workstations housed in protected and mobile field modules. The system will be capable of receiving intelligence from variety of sources, and will analyze and distribute the information for use by battlefield commanders.

Work covered by the Martin Marietta contract will include development of the ASAS Interface Module (AIM), the intelligence data-processing shelter, integrated logistics support, and full testing and integration of components for the tactical automation system.

JPL, laboratory of Caltech under contract to NASA, has conducted project definition and systems architecture engineering for the ASAS/ENSCE project. The Laboratory also is working with several contractors in implementing design, manufacturing, acquisition of hardware, software integration, testing and training and field support for the program.

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