NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

JPL Director Dr. Lew Allen presented NASA Honor Awards today to 24 individuals and nine groups of employees and contractors for their work on variety of space science experiments and communications systems.

NASA's Outstanding Leadership Medal was awarded to Norman R. Haynes, manager of JPL's systems division, for "distinguished leadership in NASA's planetary exploration program," particularly for his contributions to the development of the Mariner, Voyager and Galileo missions. Haynes resides in Pasadena.

Paul T. Westmoreland of Tujunga, manager of the engineering office for the JPL office of spacecraft tracking and data acquisition, also received the Outstanding Leadership Medal "for skillful and effective leadership in guiding the implementation" of the Mark IVA program, major equipment reconfiguration effort of the Deep Space Network.

NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medals were awarded to:

- Dr. Crofton B. Farmer "for pioneering applications of Fourier transform spectroscopy to space borne remote sensing of the upper atmosphere, thus opening new era in science." Farmer is principal investigator on the Atmospheric Trace Molecule Spectroscopy (ATMOS) experiment which flew on the space shuttle's Spacelab 3 in April 1985.

- Dr. Frank J. Grunthaner, San Dimas, "for the innovative use of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy in scientific studies of semiconductor surface and interface chemistry."

- Dr. Taylor G. Wang, Glendale, "for contributions to microgravity science and materials processing in space, and for his exceptional contributions as payload specialist on Spacelab 3," which flew aboard the shuttle in April 1985.

Recipients of NASA's Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal were:

-Dr. Martin G. Buehler, La Canada, "for exceptional contributions in the field of microelectronics, specifically for the development and application of electrical test structures in the quality control of semiconductor processing."

- Edward H. Kopf, Jr., Glendora, "for outstanding achievements in the design of hardware and software for spacecraft attitude and articulation control systems."

NASA's Equal Opportunity Medal was awarded to Dr. James King, Jr., Pasadena, manager of JPL's space science and applications program, "for exceptional contributions in promoting affirmative action and equal opportunities in JPL and NASA programs."

NASA Medals for Exceptional Service were given to:

-Dr. Charles A. Beswick, La Verne, manager of JPL's information systems engineering section, "for exceptional achievements in the development and application of information systems technology."

- Eleanor F. Helin, Westlake, "for exceptional skill and success in the search for and discovery of many small comets and Earth-approaching asteroids."

- Verl B. Lobb, La Crescenta, "for exceptional contributions in managing the fabrication and erection of three new 34-meter antennas for the NASA Deep Space Network."

- Ray L. Newburn, Glendale, "for outstanding achievements in organizing and leading the International Halley Watch," of which he was co-leader.

- Dr. Robert H. Norton, Jr., La Canada, "for outstanding contributions in the development of computer facilities and software for the handling of data from the ATMOS experiment."

Fred G. O'Callaghan, Mission Viejo, "for exceptional contributions to the development of the ATMOS spaceflight instrument."

- Dr. Robert A. Preston, Valencia, "for exceptional contributions as leader of the NASA science team involved in the Soviet VEGA Venus balloon experiment."

- Larry L. Simmons, La Canada, "for exceptional contributions and leadership as project manager for the ATMOS spaceflight instrument."

Stephen Z. Szirmay, La Canada, "for outstanding contributions in the formulation of NASA programs for the development of automation and robotics technology."

- Dr. Donald K. Yeomans, La Canada, "for outstanding achievements in determining with high degree of accuracy the location in space of Comet Halley as the target for several spacecraft encounters in March 1986."

- Robert J. Wallace, La Canada, "for exceptional achievements in managing the Mark IVA Deep Space Network implementation project."

- NASA Public Service Medals, awarded to contractor employees, were presented to:

- Alvin F. Ellman "for exceptional contributions as software manager for the Mark IVA Deep Space Network implementation project" while he was an employee of the Bendix Field Engineering Corp.

- William O. Wood, Jr., of the Bendix Field Engineering Corp. "for exceptional contributions in integrating the mark IVA Deep Space Network configuration into the Goldstone Deep Space Communication Complex."

NASA Group Achievement Awards went to:

- The All Source Analysis System (ASAS) Interface Module Brassboard Development Team;

- ATMOS/Spacelab 3 Science Group;

- The ATMOS Experiment Team;

- The Development and Operations Team for support of missions to Halley's Comet;

- The Development and Operations Team for support of the Venus balloon experiment.

- The Deep Space Network Energy Conservation Project Team;

- The Mark IVA DSN Implementation Project;

- The Microgravity Science and Engineering Team;

- The Multimission Data Capture and Telemetry Processing Implemenation Team.

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