Open House

The public is invited to visit the Jet Propulsion Laboratory during an open house Saturday, Dec. 3, 1988, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the date JPL became part of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

JPL is non-profit, operating laboratory of the California Institute of Technology, and conducts scientific exploration missions of the solar system with robotic spacecraft for NASA. JPL was transferred from U.S. Army to NASA jurisdiction on Dec. 3, 1958.

JPL is located at 4800 Oak Grove Dr. in Pasadena, near the Oak Grove Drive exit of the 210 (Foothill) Freeway.

The open house is free-of-charge. Special parking and transportation is available for disabled visitors. There are no restrictions on the use of photographic or video equipment.

Full-size spacecraft will be on display, including the Galileo orbiter scheduled for launch to Jupiter on the, space shuttle next year. Galileo, now in final assembly, may be viewed in JPL's clean-room.

Exhibits will focus on the scientific highlights of JPL's 30-year exploration of Earth and the other planets. JPL lecturers will present the findings of JPL spacecraft that have visited Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. Visitors may also tour the control room of the Deep Space Network, which is in daily contact with the Voyager 2 spacecraft headed for flyby of Neptune next August. The Deep Space Network is also assisting the Soviet Union in tracking Soviet Phobos spacecraft on its way to Mars.

Demonstrations will include working robotic rover designed to explore Mars, and "Mars Kite" also being developed to study the red planet.

A new 30-minute, multivideo, Dolby sound production, "Welcome to Outer Space," will be shown every 45 minutes. variety of T-shirts, buttons, slides and other items will be for sale in the shop operated by JPL's Employee Recreation Center. The Laboratory cafeteria will provide food and beverage service throughout the day.

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