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Academic achievers at Pasadena's Eliot Middle School will be honored at an awards banquet sponsored by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory on Thursday, Oct. 29, 1987 at 6:30 p.m. at the Brookside Clubhouse Restaurant adjacent to Pasadena's Rose Bowl.

The ceremony will honor students who have maintained 4.0 grade point average, and those who have won awards in local, county, and state-level science fair competitions.

Eliot Middle School is JPL's "adopted" school under NASA's Adopt-A-School program, which links individual schools with the education resources at NASA installations. Administered by JPL's Public Education Office, the program encourages interaction between JPL scientists and engineers and the students and teachers of Eliot Middle School. In one activity this year, Laboratory employees provided guidance to Eliot students participating in science fairs, and joined in judging the City of Pasadena's science fair competition.

The awards program will feature remarks by JPL Director Dr. Lew Allen and guest speaker Stephen J. Edberg, Coordinator for Amateur Observations for the International Halley Watch, and Chairman of the Hubble Space Telescope Amateur Astronomer Working Group.

Mistress-of-ceremonies Kimberly A. Lievense, who manages the Adopt-A-School program at JPL, will offer special recognition of individuals at JPL and Eliot who have participated in the program. Eliot Principal Delano Yarbrough will speak on behalf of the school.

Laboratory Deputy Director Dr. Peter T. Lyman

and Michael Klentschy, Administrator of Elementary and Middle School Instruction for the Pasadena Unifed School District will present the awards.

The following students who placed in science fair competitions will be honored:

Eliot Middle School Science Fair: Curtis Bates, Margaret Elgin, Garret Hines;

City of Pasadena Science Fair: Karen Whittlesey;

Eliot and Pasadena Science Fairs: Jeremy Monk, Kristen Smiarowski, Patricia Toney;

Eliot, Pasadena, Los Angeles County, and State of California Science Fairs: Margaret Ewing.

The following students, who have maintained 4.0 academic standing, will also be honored:

Jonathan Anderson, Eric Buzbee, Adam Chu, Lisa Dawe, Mark Furuta, Brendan Gamb, Alison Giffen, Rolf Hains, Carson Hom, Allyson Huff, Joni Jackson, Anna Kattenhorn, Thaddeus Kousser,

Pha Le, Samara Lewis, Joy Magloughlin, Jamila Martin, Amy Meier, Ian Miles, Kathy Morfin, Elaine Nelson, Michael Nelson, Estrellita Neumann, Ngoc Ngo, Thieu-Lan Ngo, Thanh-Le Nguyen, Emily Petty, Cynthia Ramirez, Brenda Robles, Jessica Roegler, Lydia Simons, Kimani Taylor, Thao Tran, Chuo Tu, and Nicole Ward.

Students with 4.0 grade point averages who were also winners in science fair competitions are: Margaret Elgin, Margaret Ewing, and Patricia Toney.

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