Mobile satellite communications will be the focus of an international conference sponsored by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory May 3-5, 1988.

Intended for interested parties in industry and government, the conference will review design, development and applications of mobile satellite systems and related regulatory issues.

Technical areas to be covered include vehicle antennas, speech compression, bandwidth-efficient digital modems, network architecture, mobile satellite channel characterization and spacecraft technology.

JPL conducts the Mobile Satellite Experiment (MSAT- X), program developing technologies for an eventual industry-operated mobile satellite system, for the Communications Division of NASA's Office of Space Science and Applications. Such system would extend mobile telephone service, comparable to that currently provided by cellular systems in urban areas, and provide data service systems to remote areas throughout the country.

Synopses from authors of papers for the conference are due by October 15; registration for general participants closes January 31, 1988.

More information is available from the Mobile Satellite Conference Organizing Committee, Mail Stop 238-420, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 4800 Oak Grove Drive, Pasadena CA 91109, or by telephone from Lynn Polite, (818) 354-0455.

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