NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

Two JPL executives have been promoted to top-level posts at the Laboratory, JPL's director, Dr. Lew Allen, has announced.

Dr. Peter T. Lyman, assistant laboratory director for the Office of Telecommunications and Data Acquisition, has been named JPL deputy director, effective July 1. He succeeds Robert J. Parks, who is retiring.

Dr. Clarence R. (John) Gates, assistant laboratory director for the Office of Technical Divisions, has been appointed JPL associate director, effective Aug. 1. He replaces Fred H. Felberg, who will retire.

In his 24 years at JPL, Lyman has served as spacecraft development specialist, as director of spacecraft operations for several NASA deep space missions, and as deputy project manager for the Voyager Mission. He also managed the Laboratory's Applied Mechanics Division and Information Systems Division.

Most recently, as assistant laboratory director, Lyman has overseen long-range planning, advanced development, and implementation and operation of NASA's Deep Space Network. The DSN, worldwide network of antenna complexes, tracks, commands and collects data from spacecraft, in addition to conducting scientific experiments in such areas as radio astronomy and radar studies of celestial bodies.

A native of Berkeley, Calif., Lyman is graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, from which he also holds master's degree in naval architecture and doctorate in mechanical engineering.

Gates, who joined JPL in 1950, led the team that designed the Laboratory's first three-axis-stabilized spacecraft, concept that led to the Ranger and Mariner series. Later he managed several JPL divisions, including the Mission Analysis Division and Systems Division.

In 1980 Gates was named deputy assistant laboratory director for the Office of Technical Divisions, followed by his appointment the following year as assistant laboratory director.

Born in Illinois, Gates was graduated from the University of Oklahoma, and holds doctorate in electrical engineering and mathematics from the California Institute of Technology. He is also recipient of NASA's Exceptional Service Medal.

Lyman and his wife have three adult children and reside in Pasadena. Gates and his wife are also the parents of three children and are Pasadena residents.

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