NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

NASA's space technology will be on display Sept.13 at the third of four summer technology workshops for industry, concentrating on automation technology and software tools.

The free workshops, held at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, consist of presentations by scientists and engineers and demonstrations of new technology. The Lab's Technology Transfer and Commercialization Office makes the new technologies available to U.S. companies to increase their competitiveness in world markets.

The workshops are open to representatives of U.S. companies, but U.S. citizenship is not required.

Registration begins at 8 a.m. and the day's agenda concludes at 4 p.m. Presentations will be given on robotics and control, high reliability software, simulation and automation and autonomy.

The first workshop in July attracted officers of nine companies and institutions to hear presentations on biomedical and environmental instruments. The August workshop was centered on technology for toys, games, multimedia and the Internet. Representatives of 27 companies attended.

Charles Weisbin, robotics and Mars exploration technology program manager, will give the first presentation on activities in support of planetary exploration and on-orbit platform robotics for the future international space station maintenance and operation, among other aspects of NASA robotics.

Following presentations will address space guidance and control technology and a Windows-based software reliability tool called CASRE. It is available from the NASA software repository COSMIC (Computer Software Management and Information Center) at the University of Georgia.

Also to be covered during the morning session will be the history of fault protection and COSMOS, a means of implementing fault tolerance in software tolerance using large-gain data flow.

During the afternoon, two areas of automation and autonomy will be addressed: autonomous serendipitous science acquisition for planets, and BEAM, or beacon-based exception analysis for maintenance.

A fourth technology workshop is scheduled for October 4 on technologies for constellations of spacecraft and wireless communications technologies.

The new technologies developed at JPL are offered to private industry through a variety of programs managed by the Laboratory's Technology Transfer and Commercialization Office. Participation by small and minority businesses is especially encouraged.

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