The interactive comet sculpture
The interactive comet sculpture "Metamorphosis" is on display during the AxS Festival, an arts and sciences celebration in Pasadena, California. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
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AxS (pronounced axis) is a citywide festival produced by the Pasadena Arts Council that celebrates the California town as the "City of Art and Science." It runs through Oct. 5.

JPL space science-related highlights of the festival include:

Nine-feet-high and lit from within, this steel sculpture emits a fine water mist and was inspired by the comet which the Rosetta spacecraft is currently orbiting. The sculpture will also be on display at the JPL Open House, Oct. 11 and 12.

Data and imagery from NASA's Curiosity Mars rover, the Dawn mission's exploration of giant asteroid Vesta, and the optical science of light and space are the subjects of various works in this exhibition.

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