Artist's concept of a family road trip through the universe
Some creative space vacation ideas from fans of the NASAJPL Facebook Page inspired an artist's concept of a family road trip through the universe. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
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We got some super-creative ideas from people on the NASAJPL Facebook page when we asked this question: "Planning a summer trip? Talk to your friends and family -- if you could design your dream space vacation, where would you go?"

As promised, we're posting a small sampling of comments here, but you can read all the comments, or post your own ideas at

Eoghan Lappin: Moon for breakfast. Mars for lunch. Titan for dinner. Then all the way to Gliese 581d on a trip of a lifetime (Because it would take that long at least!) Epic road trip! :D

Brian Hinson: I'd barbecue kabobs on Pele on Io.

Adam Steineck: I'd go to a watery planet with lots of beaches orbiting a binary star system so the sun would never set :-)

Madhur Patel: My dream vacation would be the 'Asteroid belt' between Mars and Jupiter. It would be fun to go from Mars to Jupiter jumping on the asteroids on the way using a pogo-stick and taking breaks on some of the bigger asteroids like Ceres, 4 Vesta, 2 Pallas, and 10 Hygiea ! :)

Mike Kaberline: I would go to Mars to get Spirit unstuck and dust off the solar panels of Spirit and Opportunity.

Devon Sklair: I would go to Pluto. That way I could pass all the planets in the Solar System on my way there and hang out in the Kuiper Belt. Maybe I'd establish relations with some Plutonians. :)

Raees Kolah: I guess I would like to visit Andromeda galaxy and after that have a dinner with my best friends on Mars.

Grieg Pedersen: I used to have a photo of the Pleiades on my wall, framed in a window frame. I'd love to have that view from my bungalow.

Bob Breit: While my family is from Mintaka in Orion, that is a generational vacation. At this time I would enjoy a rip roarin' ski trip to Enceladus. The jets are fabulous in summer! I could spend the entire season roaming the Saturnian moons and the balloon trip around Saturn is quite a day I hear. I CAN'T WAIT!

Jeff Kuyken: How about a base jump from the Mars moon Phobos followed by a leisurely stroll up to the summit of Olympus Mons! ;-)

Sarah Hill: I'd go to Alpha Centauri to see if there are any planets there with a moon with tall blue people.

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