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NASA- and JPL-managed missions are using social-networking Web sites like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook to inform the public about NASA missions. On Twitter, users communicate concise (140 characters maximum) comments to friends and colleagues via the Web, e-mail and mobile devices.

The following is a list of JPL-related missions and projects and links to their Twitter pages.

JPL on Twitter: @NASAJPL

NASAJPL Eduation on Twitter: @NASAJPL_Edu

Asteroid Watch on Twitter: @AsteroidWatch

Cassini on Twitter: @CassiniSaturn

Earth Vital Signs on Twitter: @EarthVitalSigns

Kepler on Twitter: @NASAKepler

Mars Phoenix on Twitter: @MarsPhoenix

Mars Exploration Rovers on Twitter: @MarsRovers

Mars Science Lab on Twitter: @MarsScienceLab

PlanetQuest on Twitter: @PlanetQuest

For more social-networking sites with JPL content, visit .

A full list of all NASA-related social-networking sites can be found at .