5/26/93 Voyager 1 & 2 Discovers Evidence Of The Heliopause
6/10/93 Astronomers Discovers Origin Of The Chinese Calendar
6/21/93 New Process To Produce Monocrystalline Beta-Silicon Carbide
9/1/93 NASA Administrator Announce Possible Return Mission To Mars
10/22/93 Galileo Detects Magnetic Field Changes As It Passes Ida
2/3/93 Ninth Thematic Conference On Geologic Remote Sensing
2/5/93 JPL Recommends Closure Of Edwards Test Facility
2/16/93 JPL Take Part In The National Science Bowl
2/23/93 Dawson Appointed Associate Director Of JPL
2/24/93 JPL Plan To Consolidate Work Force
2/26/93 Topex/Poseidon Observe New El Nino
3/1/93 Dr. King Named Assistant Lab. Director For Technical Divisions
3/10/93 Final Topography Of Venus To Be Presented At The 24th Lunar And Planetary Science Conference
4/13/93 JPL/Caltech Scientist Develop Cataloging Software
3/11/93 High-speed Ex-Reconnaissance Aircraft Tests Conducted
3/17/93 Interplanetary Spacecrafts To Be Tracked For Experiment
3/23/93 SIR-C/X-SAR Construction Completed
3/31/93 Topex/Poseidon Observes Giant Waves In Storm Of The Century
3/30/93 MSTI Satellite A Success
4/7/93 Ploszaj Named Assistant Lab. Director For Office Of Technical Division
4/14/93 Ozone-Destroying Chlorine Exist Longer This Year Than Last
4/15/93 Balloon Carrying Ozone Test Instrument Flight Successful
5/18/93 Magellan Descends Into Venus' Atmosphere
6/1/93 Remote Control Technology Turned Over To Private Industry
5/26/93 Magellan Embarks On New Experiment
6/2/93 New Wide Field/Planetary Camera Shipped
6/8/93 JPL New Observational Instruments Laboratory Ceremony Opening
6/7/93 New Approach To Observe Motions Of Interstellar Gas
6/23/93 New Instrument Saved Important Atmospheric Observations
6/9/93 Ulysses Enters Unexplored Region Of The Solar System
8/12/93 Peter Smith Named Principal Investigator For Mesur
6/28/93 Topex/Poseidon Records Accurate Sea Level Changes
7/19/93 JPL, American Electric Power Inc., Licom Inc. Joint Development Of Abnet
7/29/93 SIR-C/X-SAR Arrives At NASA's Kennedy Space Center
8/10/93 JPL Explains Successful Aerobraking Experiment
8/11/93 Topex/Poseidon Anniversary
8/17/93 Two Associate Contractors For Mesur Announced
8/23/93 Galileo Will Flyby Ida
9/13/93 Dr. King Receives The 1993 Technologist Of The Year Award
10/3/93 Dr. Pickering Receives Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Aerospace Prize
10/13/93 Evans Named Assistant Lab Director For The Office Of Technology And Application
10/14/93 JPL Demonstrates New Direct Digital Radio Broadcasting
10/25/93 JPL Flight System Testbed Facility Opened
11/1/93 Dr. Stone Named A Fellow Of The Aaas
11/9/93 Topex/Poseidon Confirms Condition For El Nino
11/20/93 Infrared Imaging Reveals Details On Dead Sea Scrolls
11/23/93 JPL To Develop Online Reference System For California Film Commission
12/6/93 Solar Wind Speeds Doubles At Higher Latitudes.
12/6/93 Magellan Acquires Venus Gravity Data
12/6/93 JPL Confirms 15th Century Volcanic Eruption