1/4/91 JPL Demolishes 30 Years Old Storm Drain System
1/14/91 High Technology Small Business Development Procurement Conference 1991
1/24/91 Second Ballistic Electron Emission Microscopy Workshop Held
1/17/91 JPL Holds Third Annual Technical Interchange Workshop
1/22/91 Former JPL'er Awarded First-Place 1990 Blue Pencil-gold Screen Award
1/24/91 Magellan Maps 55% Of Venus Surface
2/12/91 Magellan Shortens Mapping Swath
3/11/91 Instruments Chosen For EOS Satellites
2/21/91 Theories About Aphrodite Terra Tested
2/28/91 Actions To Protect Magellan Spacecraft Successful
3/1/91 Magellan Resume Full Radar Mapping Of Venus
3/6/91 Magellan Mapping Resumes After On-Board Computer Problem
3/6/91 Public Invited To Propose Names For Venus Craters And Volcanic Vents
3/11/91 Yeater Appointed Assistant Lab. Director For Technology And Applications Program
3/15/91 Magellan And Galileo Mission Teams Receives 1991 National Space Club's Nelson P. Jackson Aerospace Award
3/14/91 Galileo Execute Trajectory Correction Maneuver
3/29/91 Venus Vent Heat Through Giant Hot Spots
3/28/91 Galileo Unexpectedly In Safing Mode
4/1/91 Sixth Annual Space Settlement Design Competition
3/29/91 Firefly Airborne System Begins Field Tests
4/4/91 Magellan Achieves Primary Phase Of Venus Mission
4/11/91 Magellan Team Members Publishes Description Of Venus
4/10/91 Galileo Unfurl Its 16 Foot Antenna
4/12/91 Flight Controllers Analyze Unfurling Antenna Problem
4/22/91 Loral Infrared & Imaging Systems Awarded Airs Contract
4/19/91 Galileo Antenna Deployment Problem Under Analysis
4/18/91 JPL Director Awarded 1991 Arcs Foundation Science Man Of The Year
4/26/91 Magellan Scientists Studies Venus Surface Features
5/2/91 JPL Researcher Selected To Fly On Space Shuttle Columbia
5/11/91 Venus Mapping Lost
5/17/91 Magellan Completes Orbit Trim Maneuver
5/29/91 Magellan Radar Mapping Results
5/28/91 Ulysses Mission Teams Prepares Interplanetary Physics Investigations
5/28/91 Ulysses Mission Teams Prepares Interplanetary Physics Investigations II
6/7/91 Near-Earth Metal Asteroid Discovered
6/28/91 Lava Flows Similar To Earths Discovered On Venus
6/27/91 Most Luminous Object In The Universe Discovered
7/1/91 Galileo Set Course For Asteroid Gaspra
7/8/91 Ulysses Sets Final Course To Jupiter
7/26/91 Magellan Venus Mapping Update
4/16/91 Investigations Intensifies As Ulysses Passes Behind The Sun
8/20/91 Galileo Cooling Turn Failed
8/30/91 Longest Channel In The Solar System Discovered
8/30/91 Longest Channel In The Solar System Discovered II
9/12/91 Uars Carries ACRIM-II Experiment
9/13/91 JPL Employee Honored For Reducing Lost-Time Injuries
9/16/91 President Bush Presents Dr. Stone The 1991 National Medal Of Science
9/24/91 JPL Mini-Rover Test Successful
10/23/91 Strike-Slip Faults Found On Mars And Jupiter's Satellites
9/23/91 JPL Holds Ceremony To Commemorate New Stamp Depicting Planetary Exploration
9/27/91 Venus A Volatile Planet
9/27/91 Scientist Believe Venus Has Lightning Storms
9/30/91 Radar Astronomy Used To Research Titan
10/8/91 Galileo Perform Trajectory Maneuver For Asteroid Flyby
10/1/91 JPL/Caltech Arts And Craft Fair 1991
10/15/91 Studies On Groundwater Contamination At JPL
10/23/91 Voyagers Continues To Returns Data From The Edges Of The Milky Way
10/29/91 Magellan Venus Data To Be Released
10/29/91 Magellan Venus Data To Be Released II
11/7/91 Magellan Transmitter Probes Deeper Into Venus
11/14/91 Galileo First Close-Up Image Of Gaspra Released
11/14/91 Galileo Flyby Of Gaspra Yields New Information
12/4/91 Soccerball-Shaped Carbon Molecule Perfect Fuel For Ion Engines
12/3/91 Unknown Object Will Flyby Earth
12/13/91 JPL Develops New Radar System For Topographic Mapping
12/10/91 Radical Climate Changes May Be Cause Of The Plague