1/24/90 Galileo Venus Flyby
2/8/90 Schutz Appointed Deputy Assistant Director Of Office Of Space Science And Instruments
2/12/90 Voyager 1 To Take Pictures Of Solar System Planets
2/14/90 Photograph Of Venus Released
2/10/90 Galileo Swings By Venus
3/7/90 JPL Pays City Of Pasadena For Water Contamination
3/1/90 O'Neil Named Galileo Project Manager
3/9/90 First Ballistic Electron Emission Microscopy Workshop Held
3/6/90 JPL Planetary Mission Data Not Lost
3/12/90 JPL Director Awarded The Robert H. Goddard Memorial Trophy
4/16/90 Galileo Completes Four-Day Maneuver Sequence
4/19/90 Field Tests Of Semi-Autonomous Navigation System Begins
5/3/90 Magellan Anniversary
5/10/90 Galileo Adjust Trajectory For Earth Flyby
5/14/90 Galileo Completes A Two-Day Trajectory Maneuver
5/16/90 Three Southern California Students To Talk To Astronaut Ron Parise
7/16/90 Galileo Third Trajectory Correction Maneuvers
8/6/90 Aerospace Firms In Negotiations For Telescope Portion Of SIRTF
8/9/90 Magellan Orbits Venus
???/90 Magellan's Venus Mapper Lost
9/15/90 Magellan Recovers From Last Month Problems
9/19/90 Mini-Refueler Spacecraft
9/17/90 U.S. And Soviet Scientist Studies Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula
9/20/90 JPL/Caltech Child Educational Center Craft Fair
10/3/90 Significant Milestone For Planetary Rover Development
10/9/90 Galileo Completes Precise Maneuver For Earth Flyby
10/19/90 Radar Mapping Of Venus Halted
10/26/90 Venus Mapping Suspended
10/26/90 Venus Mapping Suspended Update
/90 New Parallel Supercomputer Acquired
11/13/90 New Parallel Supercomputer Acquired II
11/13/90 New Parallel Supercomputer Acquired III
11/13/90 Galileo Fifth Trajectory Maneuver
11/15/90 Magellan Experiences First Signal Lost
11/23/90 Magellan Switches To Safe Mode
11/26/90 Magellan Command Error Cause Lost Of Four Mapping Orbits
11/26/90 Magellan Returns To Mapping Of Venus
12/4/90 Earth's Rotation Slows Down
12/4/90 Galileo Heads Towards Second Gravity Assist
12/8/90 Galileo Earth Flyby
12/3/90 Magellan Maps Third Of Venus
12/18/90 Magellan Data Recorder Turned Off