1/12/87 JPL's Microdevices Laboratory Groundbreaking
2/3/87 Bendix Field Engineering Corp. Negotiating DSN Maintenance And Operation Contract
2/19/87 Dr. Jordan Named JPL Systems Division Manager
2/23/87 Galileo Returns To JPL For Upgrade
2/23/87 Galileo Returns To JPL For Upgrade Update
3/9/87 Voyager Project Wins The Nelson P. Jackson Aerospace Award
3/11/87 Radio Wave Emissions From Supernova 1987a
3/13/87 NASA's Advisory Council Calls For Aggressive Mars Exploration
3/17/87 NASA's Advisory Council Calls For Aggressive Mars Exploration Update
3/10/87 JPL Conducts Mobile Satellite Technology-Related Test
3/19/87 New Positions For Two JPL Administrative Managers
3/87 NASA Outlines Plans For Bringing Piece Of Mars Back To Earth
4/17/87 NASA DSN And Australia CSIRP Radio Telescope Will Observe Newly Discovered Supernova
4/21/87 JPL Holds Open House
4/28/87 Assembling Of Magellan Spacecraft
4/24/87 JPL Imaging Technology Applied To Protect National Archives
5/14/87 NASA Voyagers Provides Precise Measurement Of New Cosmic Ray Particles
5/13/87 Significant Atmosphere Discovers Around Pluto
5/48/87 Deputy Director Robert J. Parks Retires
5/21/87 Associate Director For Institutional Affairs Retires
5/21/87 JPL Open House
6/8/87 Northern Lights Not Magnetic Storms
6/5/87 JPL Executives Promoted To Top-level Post
6/9/87 JPL Awarded 25th Annual Crown City Award
7/20/87 Kirk Dawson Appointed Assistant Laboratory Director
7/20/87 Larry N. Dumas Named Assistant Laboratory Director Of Telecommunications And Data Acquisition Office
8/3/87 Malvin Yeater Named Deputy Assistant Laboratory Director For Defense And Civil Programs
8/7/87 Voyager Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary
9/3/87 Mobile Satellite Communications Focus International Conference
9/10/87 Chlorine Linked To Annual Depletion Of Atmospheric Ozone
9/11/87 Topex/poseidon Science Teams Selected
??? Magellan Critical Interface Test
9/22/87 JPL/Caltech Arts & Crafts Fair
9/25/87 MSAT-X Key Antenna Design Tested Successfully
9/29/87 Star Trek Stars Appears For JPL United Way Kickoff
10/22/87 JPL Showcases Commercial Applications Of Space
10/22/87 Asteroids Organic Compounds
10/26/87 New Dinosaurs Extinction Theory
10/27/87 JPL Sponsor Awards Banquet For Eliot Middle School Academic Achievers
11/4/87 Dr. Elachi Appointed Assistant Laboratory Directory For Space Science And Instruments Office
11/16/87 Jacques Cousteau Visits JPL
12/7/87 Icelandic Volcano Eruption Cause Of Late Third Century Bc Famines
11/30/87 Chemical Reactions May Cause Ozone Depletion
12/10/87 25th Anniversary Of NASA's First Planetary Mission
12/11/87 Strong Gamma-ray Emission Observed Emanating From Cygnus X-1,
12/31/87 Dr. McCleese Appointed Manager Of Earth And Space Sciences Division
1/4/88 Dr. King Appointed Deputy Assistant Laboratory Director
1/11/88 Orbiting Railgun
1/21/88 JPL Spokesman Retires
??? Manager Of Office Of Public Affairs Named
2/1/88 Deputy Assistant Laboratory Director Of Flight Projects Appointed
2/12/88 Finland's Prime Minister To Visit JPL
2/12/88 Multifrequency Imaging Radar Polarimeter
2/25/88 Dr. Paul Talks On Family Relationship
2/29/88 Tectonic Plates Movements Studied Using Satellites
2/29/88 JPL Geodynamics Study
3/11/88 Alaska Sar Facility
3/3/88 Deputy Assistant Laboratory Director Of Space Science And Instrument Appointed
3/14/88 Rank Prize Awarded To JPL Engineers
3/28/88 Geoffrey Robillard Retires
3/30/88 Dr. Yeates Settles Controversial Astronomical Theories
4/1/88 Assistant Laboratory Director Of Engineering And Review Appointed
4/18/88 Synthetic Aperture Radar Instrument Shipped
3/22/88 1987 NASA Honor Awards
3/17/88 Mobile Satellite Communications Focus Of NASA/JPL Conference
3/17/88 Mobile Satellite Communications Focus Of NASA/JPL Conference Update
4/22/88 Junior-High Students Science Projects Awarded
5/12/88 JPL Builds Telescope Building
5/13/88 Congressional Caucus For Women's Issues Honors JPL
5/20/88 Venus Geological Findings
??? Communications In Education
6/21/88 Gerald Levy Awarded Charles Stark Draper Award
6/23/88 Seasat Mission
6/29/88 Mark III Supercomputer
8/28/88 Earth: The Movie
9/21/88 JPL/Caltech Arts And Crafts Fair
9/21/88 Earth's Daily Rotation Slowing
9/22/88 Mobile Satellite Communications System Successfully Tested
9/13/88 Deep Space Network Will Support The STS-26 Flight And TDRS-C
10/24/88 Microdevices Laboratory Ceremony
10/27/88 Aircraft-based Infrared Remote Sensing Under Development
11/11/88 Voyager 2 Change-of-course Maneuver Successful
11/18/88 30th Anniversary Of JPL With NASA
1/5/88 Mars Observer Project Manager Appointed
6/14/89 JPL Gets Cray Supercomputer
8/15/89 Voyager 2 News Updates
2/1/89 Mars The Movie
2/1/89 Ozone Researcher Receives AAAS Newcomb-cleveland Prize
2/6/89 Key Posts In Reliability And Quality Assurance Appointed
2/3/89 Network For The Detection Of Stratospheric Change Prototype Successfully Tested
2/17/89 Senior Managers Elected To National Academy Of Engineering,
3/6/89 New Strategy Needed To Process Data From Eos
3/15/89 Geological Faults Discovered In Mojave Desert
4/20/89 Two-way Digital Voice Terminal Demonstrated
4/20/89 Voyager 2 Spacecraft Completes Last Change-of-Course Maneuvers
4/24/89 Four-day Conference Marks The Launch Of Magellan
4/24/89 Deputy Assistant Laboratory Director For Administrative Divisions Appointed
5/11/89 Agreements With Nations's HBCU's Formalized
5/15/89 JPL Archivist Appointed
6/2/89 JPL Receive Spie Award
5/17/89 Galileo Arrives At Kennedy Space Center
5/22/89 Magellan Trajectory Correction Maneuver
5/22/89 Magellan Trajectory Correction Maneuver Update
6/5/89 Voyager 2 Enters Final Planetary Encounter
7/7/89 Voyager 2 Discovers New Neptune Moon
7/17/89 Earth-Moon System
7/17/89 Scientist Calls For United Robotic Exploration Of Mars
8/3/89 Voyager 2 Reveals Three Additional Neptune Moons
4/11/89 Neptune's Ring Arcs Found
8/16/89 Usuda Deep Space Center Joins Voyager 2 Mission
8/18/89 Voyager 2 Detects Intense Radio Emissions
9/18/89 Complete Land Mobile Communications System Tested
9/25/89 JPL/Caltech 1989 Arts & Crafts Fair
10/2/89 Voyager 2 Discovers Eruption On Triton
10/10/89 Galileo Mission Exhibit Changes In Atmospheric Feature
10/30/89 Houston-Based Lifeco Services Corp Awarded The Travel Management Contract
10/26/89 Inerruption Of Voyager 2 Telemetry Signal
11/13/89 Galileo Heads To Jupiter
11/16/89 New JPL Appointments
12/1/89 Earth-Approaching Asteroid Shape Determined
12/1/89 Triton Moon Regenerating Surface
12/1/89 Voyager's Science Papers Presented At American Geophysical Union
12/1/89 Martian Soil
12/1/89 Thera/Santorini Eruption
12/1/89 Near Earth Spacecraft Can Predict Magnetic Storms
12/1/89 JPL Presents New Information On Crustal Deformation
12/1/89 JPL Scientist Propose Sea Level Monitoring
12/1/89 Galileo Scientific Result Release
12/4/89 Eliot Middle School Straight-A Students Awarded
12/27/89 Galileo Performs Trajectory Maneuver
11/16/89 Haynes Appointed Office Of Flight Project Deputy Assistant Director
12/4/89 Eliot Middle School Straight-A Students And Science Fair Winners Honored