10/16/84 Possible Solar System Around Beta Pictoris
5/3/84 JPL Scientist Work To Preserve Leonardo De Vinci Manuscripts
2/8/84 United Technologies Inc. Negotiating For Defense Contract
3/19/84 Three U.s. Aerospace Firms To Conduct Topex Studies
4/11/84 JPL Adopts Eliot Junior High School
5/1/84 JPL Engineer Awarded Magellanic Premium Award
6/12/84 Stars Found With Excessive Infrared Emission
6/12/84 Stars Found With Excessive Infrared Emission Update
6/12/84 High Percentage Of Galaxies Part Of Interacting Or Merging Groups
7/2/84 Dr. Chahine Appointed Chief Scientist
8/28/84 Dr. Elachi Appointed Manager Of The Earth And Space Sciences Division
10/10/84 Uranus Rings Of Dark Particles
12/5/84 NASA Honor Awards Presented At JPL
12/11/84 Iras Team Completes Infrared Celestial Object Catalog
1/9/85 Return Of Halley's Comet
1/17/85 Asteroid 29 Flyby Approved
??? NASA Receives First Signals From Soviet Vega Space Probes
3/8/85 Pluto And Charon Rare Alignment
3/27/85 Bowen Named Chair Of The 1985-6 CFC
5/9/85 Construction For JPL's Central Engineering Building Begins
5/14/85 High-level Management Announced
6/19/85 Photometrically Calibrated Images Of Halley's Comet Captured
6/13/85 Martin Marietta Corporation Awarded ASAS/ENSCE Project
11/1/85 International Colloquium Focuses On Science Of Oceanography
11/11/85 JPL Director Guest Speaker At Eliot Middle School Awards Dinner
11/21/85 NASA Honor Awards 1985
10/25/85 Dr. Nathan Receives $20,000 NASA Award
??? New Uranus Moon Discovered
1/16/86 Six Addition Uranus Moons Found
1/16/86 JPL Astrophysicist Wins 1985 Rossi Prize
2/18/86 Voyager 2 Prepares For 1989 Neptune Flyby
6/6/86 Mining In Space
6/17/86 Dr. Jacobson Discoveries Present To The Aas
3/19/86 RCA Corp. In Negotiation For Spacecraft Contract
8/7/86 JPL's Central Engineering Building Completed
8/8/86 JPL Develops First Hand-held Senor To Measure Electric Fields
9/2/86 Mars Ancient Lakes
9/919/86 NASA Highest Honors Awarded To Voyager Teams
10/2/86 New Radio-astronomy Technique Successfully Tested
9/8/86 JPL/Caltech Art Fair
10/13/86 Venus Sample Return Mission Studied
10/27/86 JPL Presented With 1986 Common Wealth Award
10/31/86 Violent Earthquakes Rotates Mojave Desert
10/28/86 NASA Selects Science Investigations For Craf
11/20/86 JPL Public Education Office Receives National Science Grant
12/8/86 Kilauea Volcano Lava Flow Show Heat Emission Differences
12/8/86 Historic Records Used To Research Volcanic Eruption Climatic Impacts
12/8/86 Iras Surveys Comets And Asteroids
12/8/86 Comets: Original Material From The Solar System
12/8/86 Asteroid Surfaces Are Of Organic Compound
12/21/86 JPL Director Presents Nasa Honor Awards
12/18/86 Fairchild Space Company In Negotiation For Topex Contract