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Mars Rover Flight Director Updates
The flight director describes daily activities for Opportunity and Spirit.
Do you have a question for the flight directors? Email your questions here.
Byron Jones
Flight Director's Update: Driving is the Name of the Game
+ QuickTime (download with caption 5.3 Mb)
+ MPEG (download without caption 3.12 Mb)

Byron Jones
Flight Director's Update: Dimpled Craters
+ QuickTime (download with caption 3.57Mb)
+ MPEG (download without caption 2.1 Mb)

Byron Jones
Flight Director's Update: Wheel Wiggles
+ QuickTime (download with caption 5.77Mb)
+ MPEG (download without caption 3.45 Mb)

Byron Jones
Flight Director's Update: Approaching New Targets
+ QuickTime (download with caption 2.97 Mb)
+ MPEG (download without caption 1.79 Mb)

Bill Nelson
Flight Director's Update: 'Weekend Warrior' Rovers
+ QuickTime (download with caption 11 Mb)
+ MPEG (download without caption 6.63 Mb)

Jake Matijevic
Flight Director's Update: Both Vehicles are Healthy
+ QuickTime (download with caption 6.39Mb)
+ MPEG (download without caption 4.6Mb)

Jake Matijevic
Flight Director's Update: Atop 'Husband Hill'
+ QuickTime (download with caption 7.23MB)
+ MPEG (download without caption 4.72MB)

Jake Matijevic
Flight Director's Update: Approaching 'Summit One'
+ QuickTime (download with caption 4.1MB)
+ QuickTime (download without caption 4.1MB)
+ MPEG (download without caption 4.2MB)

Jake Matijevic
Flight Director's Update: Voltaire Outcrop
+ QuickTime (download with caption 6.7MB)
+ MPEG (download without caption 4.2MB)

Byron Jones
Flight Director's Update: Work With Robotic Arm
+ QuickTime (download with caption)
+ QuickTime (download without caption)
+ MPEG (download without caption 1.8MB)

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