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Mars Rover Flight Director Updates
The flight director describes daily activities for Opportunity and Spirit.
Do you have a question for the flight directors? Email your questions here.
Joel Signorelli
Flight Director's Update: Free at Last !
Opportunity is free of a sand ripple and now sitting happily on a nice piece of rock.
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Joel Signorelli
Flight Director's Update: Science Campaign
Opportunity's making very good progress on its trek towards 'Victoria Crater', while Spirit is in its winter science campaign.
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Joel Signorelli
Flight Director's Update: Winter Science Campaign Begins
+ Winter Science Campaign Begins
For Spirit its sol 831. Spirit has been at its current location on 'Low Ridge' since sol 805 and that is where it is going to spend the Martian winter.

Joel Signorelli
Flight Director's Update: Mini Milestones
+ Mini Milestones
We had two mini milestones on Spirit and Opportunity last week. Opportunity's odometer just clicked over seven kilometers and that's 7,000 meters.

Joel Signorelli
Flight Director's Update: Winter Haven
+ Winter Haven
The last 30 days Spirit has been working around this place called "Home plate."

Byron Jones
Flight Director's Update: Heading Towards 'Home Plate'
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Byron Jones
Flight Director's Update: Opportunity Celebrates First Martian Year !
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Byron Jones
Flight Director's Update: Flight Directors Take Your Questions
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+ Ask JPL

Byron Jones
Flight Director's Update: Instrument Arm Workout
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Byron Jones
Flight Director's Update: Planning for Winter
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