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Related Feature Stories.

Spirit's rear view after parking for fourth winter 2/11/10 - Spirit Finishes Pre-Winter Drives
NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit is now parked for the winter.

An artist's concept of a NASA Mars Exploration Rover 1/26/10 - Curriculum Vitae - Spirit, Mars Exploration Rover A
Professional Goal: To investigate the historical geology and climate of Mars, but would like to do less travel than in the past

12/10/09 - Climate Change Rains Down on JPL Undergrads
Two JPL college interns delving into California's rainfall records have uncovered some interesting findings that may be linked to climate change.

Imagine Mars logo 11/5/09 - Take Me Out to the Ballpark - On Mars!
Students in fourth through seventh grade will work to create the ultimate baseball experience "on Mars," even designing the rules for how to play a game on the Red Planet.

Artist concept of orbiter and robots. 10/27/09 - Robot Armada Might Scale New Worlds
An armada of robots may one day fly above the mountain tops of Saturn's moon Titan, cross its vast dunes and sail in its liquid lakes.

Steven W. Squyres, principal scientific investigator for NASA's Mars Exploration Rover mission 10/5/09 - Squyres Wins Carl Sagan Medal for Public Outreach
Steven W. Squyres, the Goldwin Smith Professor of Astronomy and principal scientific investigator for the mission, has received the 2009 Carl Sagan Medal from the American Astronomical Society.

traverse map for rover Spirit 8/18/09 - Spirit Hits 2,000
Today marks the 2,000th Martian day, or sol, of what was initially planned as a 90-sol mission on Mars for NASA's Spirit rover.

A test setup at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory for the Spirit rover 8/13/09 - Planned Rover Test to Run a Week or More
Mars rover team members are planning a long-duration experiment with the test rover at JPL beginning next week.

Panelists reviewed results to date from testing possible maneuvers to use in driving NASA's Mars Rover Spirit. 8/7/09 - More Testing Before Driving on Mars
A review on Aug. 6 of test results to date yielded a decision to conduct further checkouts in an augmented testing set-up on Earth before beginning to send driving commands to Spirit for attempting to get out of the loose soil where the rover has partially embedded itself.

Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity confirm that this rock on the Martian surface is an iron-nickel meteorite. 8/6/09 - Rover Confirms Meteorite on Mars
Composition measurements by NASA's Opportunity rover confirm that this rock on the Martian surface is an iron-nickel meteorite.

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