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Dr. Bohdan Pacynski

Born: Wilno, Poland, February 8, 1940
M.A. in Astronomy, Warsaw University, 1962
Ph.D. in Astronomy, Warsaw University, 1964
Docent Degree in Astronomy, Warsaw University, 1967

1959 - 1962: Warsaw University Observatory, technical assistant
1962 - 1982: Institute of Astronomy, renamed in 1975 N. Copernicus
Astronomical Center, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw
1962 - assistant
1964 - research associate
1969 - assistant professor
1974 - associate professor
1979 - professor
1982 - 1989: professor, Department of Astrophysical Sciences, Princeton University
1989 - present: Lyman Spitzer Jr. professor of astrophysics, Department of Astrophysica l Sciences,
Princeton University

Dr. Ian Bond

Born 1963. London, UK. Grew up in New Zealand
PhD University of Auckland, NZ 1991.
Held research positions in Japan, France, and New Zealand
Currently at Institute for Astronomy, Edinburgh, UK

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