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JPL Videos

Rocketmen who first conducted experiments  

The Rocketmen

Hear from one of the original 'rocketmen' as he describes the first experiments that led to the making of JPL.
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Explorer 1 launch - video  

Launch of Explorer 1

The launch of Explorer 1, Jan. 31, 1958.
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America's first satellite - video  

America's First Satellite

An overview of Explorer 1, the first U.S. satellite.
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Jet Assisted takeoff video  

Jet-Assisted Takeoff

This footage compares takeoff of a rocket-equipped plane and
one without rockets.
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WAC Corporal - video  

WAC Corporal

This rocket was JPL’s first completely successful test of a guided missile
for the U.S. military.
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Surveyor   Surveyors to the Moon

The Surveyor landers helped pave the way for the Apollo missions to the moon.
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Mariner 4   Mariner 4

NASA’s first mission to Mars returned views of the red planet never before seen.
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Mariner 9   Mariner 9 to Mars

The first spacecraft to orbit Mars, Mariner 9, transmitted more than 7,000 photographs.
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image of moon from Ranger   Ranger Impacts the Moon

The Rangers were designed to fly to the moon and intentionally collide with it, returning images of the surface and the approaching impact.
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