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Creating the Workplace of the Future

JPL’s most valuable asset is its people, and evolution in how we work will play a critical role in how the Laboratory adapts to the future. JPL’s human dimension in turn consists of three elements: our workforce, attracting and supporting the superb talent responsible for JPL’s successes; the workplace, the tools and systems that help us get our jobs done; and the work environment, the physical setting where we do our jobs.

The human relationship with the work environment is changing, and as this evolves, we need to adapt to new forms of employment. This could be in the form of crowd-sourcing, virtual collaboration, or contingent workforce.

In ten years’ time, our physical workplaces may look much the same, but our ability to access and benefit from information will make us orders of magnitude more powerful and productive. Our tools will take another leap as significant as the ones from paper phonebooks and atlases to the realm of today’s online resources on handheld phones.

Our future workplace will continue to leverage the Lab’s openness of ideas, trust, equality, and knowledge sharing with more fluid and adaptable workspaces, and ever-more-supportive collaborative tools.