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Spitzer Space Telescope Fact Sheet

Mission Details and Data


  • Spitzer Space Telescope Fact Sheet
  • Planet Finding Fact Sheet
  • Kepler Press Kit
  • Exotic Atmospheres (Artist Concept)
  • Journey to a Star Rich with Planets (Artist Concept)
  • Astronomers Detect First Organic Molecule on an Exoplanet (Artist
  • NASA
  • Severe Exoplanetary Storm
  • The Kepler Spacecraft
  • Kepler in Space (Artist Concept)
  • Kepler Spacecraft (Artist Concept)
  • Where Kepler Sees
  • Cluster of Stars in Kepler
  • Probing Exoplanets From the Ground (Artist Concept)
  • Worlds on the Edge (Artist
  • Planetary Hot Spot Not Under the Glare of Star (Artist Concept)
  • How to Find a Planetary Hot Spot
  • Hot, Carbon-Rich Planet (Artist Concept)
  • NASA
  • Kepler-11 Planetary System (Artist Concept)
  • Where the Sun Sets Twice (Artist Concept)
  • Three Eclipsing Bodies (Artist Concept)
  • A Dance of Two Suns and One Planet (Artist Concept)
  • Bird
  • Kepler-22b -- Comfortably Circling within the Habitable Zone
  • Closer to Finding an Earth
  • Earth-class Planets Line Up
  • An Unusual Planetary System (Artist
  • Kepler-20e -- The Smallest Exoplanet (Artist
  • Kepler-20f -- An Earth-size World (Artist
  • Mini Planetary System (Artist Concept)
  • Sizing Up Exoplanets
Sizing Up Exoplanets
  • Kepler
  • Spitzer, Planck and Kepler Extended by NASA
  • First-of-Its-Kind Glimpse at a Super Earth
  • Possible Disintegrating Planet (Artist

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