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NASA Solar System Ambassador


What do a teacher, surfer, firefighter, award-winning book author and neurosurgeon have in common? A love of space and a desire to share that passion. They've joined a growing number of private citizens in NASA's Solar System Ambassador program, which brings space information to the public through planetarium talks, telescope-viewing parties, mall displays and other events. Now you can volunteer too. Applications are being accepted from Sept. 1 to Sept. 30.

Ambassadors are U.S. citizens selected from all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico or U.S. citizens serving U.S. audiences abroad. The program is one of the longest-running NASA volunteer outreach projects.


  • Ideal volunteers are self-starters who are enthusiastic about space exploration and active in their communities
  • Demonstrated ability in public engagement and/or disseminating information
  • Initiative and ingenuity to engage his/her community in learning about NASA's space exploration efforts
  • Ability to inspire community youth to seek careers in science and technology
  • Makes the best responsible use of the materials provided
  • Each ambassador agrees to hold at least four public events during the year and report on those events

Volunteer Benefits Include:

  • Receive online training from JPL
  • Educational materials supplied by various space missions
  • Contact with mission scientists
  • E-Mail updates with mission information and news
  • Satisfaction of knowing you've made a difference in someone's life

Kay Ferrari

Phone: (818) 354-7581

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Meet the Ambassadors

Bonnie Walters

Bonnie Walters

"All children look up to the night sky and marvel at the wondrous sights it contains. They memorize the constellations and dream of becoming astronauts. All it takes is a little spark to set them on their way. I want to rekindle that spark in adults and set it blazing in children."

Cindy Psick

Cindy Psick

"I Would like to bring the excitement and awareness of space exploration to the young and old in an informative and fun manner."

Gene Zajac

Gene Zajac

"From observing visitors to the planetarium, I know there is a great interest. I want to cultivate that interest. I hope the youngsters in my classes will one day walk on Mars and the Moon."

Jenny Iley

Jenny Iley

"Space exploration is new knowledge of the unknown and a testament of what mankind can accomplish. It proves that when working together, not even the sky is the limit."

Neil Cronin

Neil Cronin

"Mankind's drive to explore new worlds is innate and powerful. I firmly believe that space exploration is our destiny, driven in part by the fact that we are, as some say, made of 'star stuff.'"

Pat Pezzoli

Pat Pezzoli

"I believe in the eternal quest for knowledge. Learning about the environments outside of our atmosphere is important for knowledge's sake and for our longterm existence."