National Ocean Sciences Bowl Winning Team
Santa Monica High School's regional Ocean Sciences Bowl team, from left to right: Coach Ingo Gaida; Rhys Gaida; Amy Amatya; Nanki Chugh; Ryu Akiba; and Josh Sheng. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Santa Monica High School, sponsored by JPL, won the national finals of the 20th annual National Ocean Sciences Bowl April 23 at Corvallis, Ore.

The win followed Santa Monica’s Feb. 25 victory over 11 competitors in a Southern California regional Surf Bowl affair held at JPL. To qualify for the finals, 25 competing teams won regional competitions. In total, approximately 392 teams (made up of 1,960 students representing 33 states) participated.

The National Ocean Sciences Bowl, coordinated by the Consortium for Ocean Leadership, is in many ways similar to the National Science Bowl, but focuses specifically on ocean-related topics. The competition is comprised of three elements: a round robin competition, critical thinking based team challenge questions, and a double elimination competition. Student teams compete nationwide, answering questions about biology, chemistry, geology and physics of the oceans, as well as navigation, geography and related history and literature.

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