Adventures From the Field - (Down and Dirty)

Adventures From the Field - (Down and Dirty) Stories of Pursuing JPL Science from the Ground up to Space

March 26 & 27

JPL regularly sends research teams to the most important planet in the Solar System - our Earth. Join Remote Sensing Calibration Specialist Mark Helmlinger (a.k.a. Hellwinger) as he shares pictures and stories about the research efforts he has been a part of. From calibrating satellites to using the desert as an analog for Mars; on foot, from towers, carts, cycles, cars, and airplanes, Hellwinger has been honored to help out in some fairly obscure corners of the Earth. The purpose of particular field campaigns and what that means to Planetary and Earth Science will be discussed. There will also be a demonstration of some of the science behind Remote Sensing.

Mark Helmlinger - Remote Sensing Calibration, Characterization, and Validation Specialist, Imaging Spectroscopy Group, JPL


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