Curiosity 2_Year Anniversary

Curiosity's Second Year: The Epic and Occasionally Bogus Journey to the Foothills of Mt. Sharp

Aug. 14 & 15

Curiosity, the rover that successfully landed on Mars in early August, 2012, has been busy refining how we think of Mars as a habitable planet. Gale Crater has presented the rover with rich new landscapes to study, such as ancient streambeds and shifting sand dunes. In July, 2013, Curiosity set off toward the 3-mile-high Mt. Sharp, where layers of ancient rock may hold clues to the environment of early Mars. The journey is nearing its end, but has not been without challenges. This talk will reveal some of the latest results from the last year of the mission and discuss the obstacles that the team has overcome along the way.

Dr. Ashwin Vasavada, MSL Deputy Project Scientist.