Revealing Saturn:  Cassini

Revealing Saturn: Cassini's Tenth Year

July 17 & 18

Cassini’s findings have revolutionized our understanding of Saturn, its complex rings, the amazing assortment of moons and the planet’s dynamic magnetic environment. The robotic spacecraft arrived in 2004 after a 7-year flight from Earth, dropped a parachuted probe to study the atmosphere and surface of Saturn’s big moon Titan, and commenced making astonishing discoveries that continue today. Icy jets shoot from the tiny moon Enceladus; Titan’s hydrocarbon lakes and seas are dominated by liquid ethane and methane, and complex pre-biotic chemicals form in the atmosphere and rain to the surface. Cassini’s findings at Saturn have also fundamentally altered many of our concepts of how planets form around stars. Spilker will present highlights from 10 years of Cassini’s ambitious inquiry at Saturn.

Dr. Linda Spilker, Cassini Project Scientist


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