Rosetta – A Lesson on Comets

Rosetta: Spying on a Mysterious Comet

Thursday, Oct. 9 and Friday, Oct. 10

The Rosetta spacecraft is now only 18 km from the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko. A month from now the spacecraft will drop a lander on the comet surface but the mission has already started sending a wealth of information about this strange looking comet. Dr. Claudia Alexander, the US Rosetta Project Scientist and Art Chmielewski, the US Project Manager will talk about what we have learned about the comet so far, what the Rosetta mission will be investigating in the upcoming months and how we will attempt this incredibly risky landing.

Art Chmielewski, US Rosetta Project Manager
Dr. Claudia Alexander, US Rosetta Project Scientist

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