Revealing the Hidden Universe: Translating Data into Imagery

The Art of Image Processing

Jan. 19 & 20

Looking up at the sky on a dark night, we are seeing only the faintest hint of the wonders the universe has to share. Telescopes are our cybernetic eyes, extending our vision far beyond the narrow slice of visible light accessible to our biological eyes. So what are we really seeing when we look at astronomical imagery? How do we perceive color from the visible spectrum, and how can we use that to imagine other colors spanning the ultraviolet and infrared? Starting with datasets from JPL missions including the Spitzer Space Telescope, the Wide Field Survey Explorer (WISE), and the Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX), follow the process that helps us witness a side to the universe that, until recently, was hidden from our sight.

Dr. Robert Hurt
Visualization Scientist
Caltech/Spitzer Science Center

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