Studying Sea Surface Salinity from Space

Aquarius: Studying Sea Surface Salinity from Space

Aug. 19 & 20

Our home planet is dominated by water, and in its many forms, the cycling of water and energy through the atmosphere and oceans is crucial to life on Earth. Yet, the ties among the water cycle, ocean circulation, and climate are poorly understood. One of the keys to understanding this cycle is Sea Surface Salinity (SSS), which has never been measured from space.  This Joint mission between NASA & the Space Agency of Argentina will track SSS to help resolve these relationships by directly monitoring variations in the water cycle, from land runoff, sea ice freezing & melting, to evaporation and precipitation over the oceans. Global SSS data will allow us to create unprecedented computer models that bridge ocean-atmosphere-land-ice systems, with the goal of predicting future climate conditions.

Amit Sen
Aquarius Project Manager, JPL

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