Mapping the Infrared Sky with WISE

April 15 & 16

The Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) launched December 14, 2009, and a month later began surveying the sky in four infrared wavelengths, ranging from four to 30 times redder than our eyes can see. WISE continues the JPL/Caltech tradition of mapping the infrared sky. Its megapixel infrared detector arrays make the WISE survey hundreds to hundreds of thousands of times more sensitive than previous all-sky surveys using only dozens of pixels. The satellite is observing everything in the Universe from near-Earth asteroids to dusty, cataclysmically forming galaxies over 10 billion light years away, and is expected to discover hundreds, to perhaps thousands, of new objects.

Dr. Peter Eisenhardt
Project Scientist, Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, JPL

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