The Great Southern California Shake Out

Sep. 25 & 26

A great earthquake is an inevitable part of California's future, and Californians are not ready for it. One of the most likely great earthquakes that could hit southern California is one on the southern San Andreas fault. That fault is so long that magnitude 7.8 earthquakes are common (the length of the fault determines the magnitude of the earthquake). The fault moves so fast that earthquakes happen on average every hundred years or less; the last was in 1857. This is the earthquake we all must be ready for.

To help, 200 professionals from the U.S. Geological Survey, California Geological Survey and many other organizations are working together to create a scenario that will describe just what that earthquake and its consequences will be like. The California Offices of Emergency Services and Homeland Security have jointly committed to use this scenario as the basis of a statewide emergency response exercise on November 13, 2008. The Earthquake Country Alliance is encouraging every organization and individual to join with our first responders in practicing the correct response on November 13. Schools are encouraged to hold their earthquake drill that day. Businesses, small and large can participate with an earthquake drill that day and earthquake planning before then.

Dr. Lucy Jones
Chief Scientist,
Multi Hazards Demonstration Project for Southern California

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