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2001 von Kármán Lecture Series Schedule

Admission is free. Seating is limited.

Adventures in Africa:
   Earth Science Fieldwork for JPL
   Thursday, January 25, JPL
   Friday, January 26, PCC

Fire and Ice:
   Exploring Extreme Environments in Space
   Thursday, February 22, JPL
   Friday, February 23, PCC

Galileo Millennium Mission:
   The Latest Results
   Thursday, March 22, JPL
   Friday, March 23, PCC

Infrared Astronomy:
   More Than the Eyes Can See
   Thursday, April 19, JPL
   Friday, April 20, PCC

The Beginnings of a Legacy:
   Stories from JPL's Early Years
   Thursday, May 10, JPL
   Friday, May 11, PCC

From Galileo to Gossamer:
   400 Years of Telescope Technology
   Thursday, June 21, JPL
   Friday, June 22, PCC

Mars Exploration:
   From the Vikings to the 21st Century
   Thursday, July 19, JPL
   Friday, July 20, PCC

Earthquake Prediction:
   A Practical Approach to an Impossible Problem
   Thursday, August 30, JPL
   Friday, August 31, PCC

Exploring and Writing About
Life in the Universe

   Thursday, September 20, JPL
   Friday, September 21, PCC

The Earth as Seen from Space
   Thursday, October 18, JPL
   Friday, October 19, PCC

The Hunt for Earth-like Planets
   Thursday, November 29, JPL
   Friday, November 30, PCC

The Ends of the Earth:
   Examining the Arctic and Antarctic Ice Covers
   Thursday, December 13, JPL
   Friday, December 14, PCC

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