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To all school teams, JPL Teams, and Volunteers-

On a pleasant overcast day, the 2014 JPL Invention Challenge was held last Friday on the 180 Mall with more than 250 spectators and participants. This year's contest objective was to create a device that can move a billiard ball at least 5 meters from the starting point using three or more different modes of transportation and then have the ball initiate a portion of the device that makes an audible sound exactly 20 seconds after starting. The winner will be the team whose device complies with all of the rules and completes the task closest to 20 seconds.

A total of 20 school teams and 8 JPL teams came up with different ways to accomplish this task. The energy sources were varied such as conveyor belts, leaf blowers, motorized cars, springs, and gravity. This year's challenge was difficult with only 21 of the teams completing the task. The results are shown below for each team

My congratulations go out to everyone who worked on this challenging problem.

Entry No. School/JPL Employee Time (seconds) Comments
057 Diamond Bar High School 0.002 1st Place - Students
111 Johannes Gross 0.006 1st Place - JPL
051 Crescenta Valley High School 0.106 2nd Place - Students
108 Alan DeVault 0.198 2nd Place - JPL
061 Chaparral Middle School 0.218 3rd Place - Students Most Creative
008 Arcadia High School 0.335  
070 San Marcos High School 0.340
006 Arcadia High School 0.400
013 Temple City High School 0.404
110 Cleary Wong 0.450 3rd Place - JPL
081 Village Christian School 0.655  
101 Kim Aaron 0.824  
109 Jose Guzman 0.832  
068 Sycamore Junior HS 0.848  
037 Lawndale High School 0.938
045 Los Angeles High School 1.022 Exhibition Only
001 Bell Magnet High School 1.23  
040 Alexander Hamilton High School 1.414 Most Artistic
018 University High School 1.782  
107 Kristan Ellis 2.500
007 Arcadia High School 3.799  
017 Muskwa Club DNC  
026 Synergy Kinetic Academy INC Most Unusual
043 Diamond Bar High School DNC  
079 Morningside HS DNC
014 Temple City High School DNC  
038 Alexander Hamilton High School DNC  
105 Cleary Wong DQ left contest area
102 Richard Goldstein DQ didn't travel distance
103 Jon Nelson Withdrew  
104 Andy Etters Withdrew  
016 Lakeside High School Withdrew  

In January, a series of photographs will be posted on the site, and a few DVD copies of the video may be made available.

I wish to thank all of the volunteers (listed below) that put on the show. Without their help, the event would not have been possible. A special thanks goes out to Kim Lievense and her Public Services team, headed by Roni Dash, for collecting the entry forms and video release forms and processing more than 200 student badges for all of the student teams. I also wish to acknowledge the talented work performed by Robert Denise for being the master of ceremonies during the contest.

Name Position
Paul MacNeal Organizer
George Tsiligiannis General Helper
David Breda Assistant to organizer
Jessica Creamer Assistant to organizer
Sherry Stukes Recording Secretary
Anusha Yarlagadda Recording Secretary
Chris Landry Referee
Robert Denise Announcer
Kristen MacNeal Badging Helper
Lyn Repath-Martos Check-in
Steven Wissler Check-in
Rashmi Arjunan Check-in
T Nilawat Safety
Ezra Abrahamy Safety
Melissa Vick Timer - lead
Megan Fazio Timer
Mark Hemlinger Timer
Phoebe Sulzen Timer
Kirstie Belmonte Timer
Fabien Nicaise Field Judge
Patti Aubuchon Field Judge
Bryan Mcenerney Area Patroller
Carmen Rocha Area Patroller
Liz Lambdin Area Patroller
Andres Andrade Area Patroller
Jonathan Sauder Set - up helper
Joseph Joe Set - up helper
Julie Ispirian Set - up helper
Jacqueline Sly Set - up helper
Theresea Fukuno Clean-up helper
Fred Calef Clean-up helper
Rick Ebert Photographer
Stephaney Smith Photographer
Diana Mastracci Photographer
David Tseng Videographer
Steve Nelson Judge
Pamela Huntoon Judge
Dave Taylor Judge

I look forward to next year's contest which will be completely different than this year's contest.

-Paul MacNeal
Contest Organizer