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Aerial Car Race Contest

The day started out under the clouds with a bit of rain during the set-up time, but by 11:30 the sun was out and the weather was perfect. I was pleased to see the fantastic turnout for this exciting event. We had 24 student teams and 6 JPL teams show their answer to the set of rules (a hotlink here would be good) that were posted back in August. The variety of solutions proved to be most entertaining to the 300 or so onlookers at this year's JPL Invention Challenge. A list of results is shown below.

Entry No. School Name/JPL Leader City Team Name Distance Completed Seconds JPL Finals Award
1 Granite Hills High School El Cajon Aurum est Polestas 5.65 4.28  
2 Magnolia Science Academy Reseda Maerobile 10.00 4.40  
3 Monroe Magnet Middle School Inglewood The J.A.A.R.'s 10.00 14.00  
4 Arcadia High School Arcadia Elemental Knights 10.00 3.94  
5 Arcadia High School Arcadia More Thrust 10.00 5.70  
7 Monroe Magnet Middle School Inglewood The Jokers 4.97 9.25  
8 Monroe Magnet Middle School Inglewood The Mad Scientists 10.00 2.36 2nd
11 Granite Hills High School El Cajon Reptar 10.00 5.35  
12 La Canada High School La Canada   10.00 0.91 1st
14 Chaminade College Preparatory West Hills Chaminade Eagle Engineering 10.00 2.62 3rd
15 Savanna High School Anaheim   0.00 DQ  
16 Savanna High School Anaheim   10.00 7.81  
18 Santa Ana High School Santa Ana Team #1 -0.05 0.50  
21 Glendora High School Glendora Glendora Physical Science Club 10.00 2.75  
23 Monrovia High School Monrovia   5.28 7.33  
26 Manual Arts High School Los Angeles Toiler 1 1.72 27.03  
29 Crescenta Valley High School La Crescenta Falcons 10.00 3.15  
30 Crescenta Valley High School La Crescenta Falcons 10.00 2.65 3rd
32 Alhambra High School Alhambra AHS Mesa DNC    
34 Los Angeles High School Los Angeles LAHS1 10.00 DQ  
35 Los Angeles High School Los Angeles LAHS2 10.00 0.82  
40 CAMS Carson Fornax 10.00 18.30  
43 Artesia High School Lakewood BJM 0.24 6.25  
45 Hamilton High School Los Angeles Hamilton DNC    
47 Elsinore Middle School Lake Elsinore EMS Tigers 0.00 0.05  
49 Magnolia Science Academy Reseda   0.01 4.90  
101 Dallas Smith     DNC    
102 Andrew Ging     DNC    
103 Dominick Miller     DNC    
104 Kristan Ellis     10.00 3.28 1st - JPL
105 Martin Regehr     DNC    
107 J. Gary Troutman     DNC    
108 Richard Goldstein     6.06 3.59  
109 Richard Fretz     10.00 15.37 3rd - JPL and heaviest
110 Kristan Ellis     0.00    
111 Steve Guertin     10.00 8.82 2nd - JPL and largest
112 Bruce Parham     0.00 0.05 smallest and lightest
113 David Van Buren     6.00 3.90  

*DNC = Did Not Compete (No Pictures)
*DQ = Disqualified

I wish to thank all of the volunteers that put on the show. Without their help, the event would not be possible. A special thanks goes out to Kim Lievense and her team, headed by Maggie Porter, for processing more than 200 student badges for all of the student teams. I also wish to acknowledge the talented work performed by Robert Denise for being the announcer and master of ceremonies during the contest.

Name: Position:
Paul MacNeal Organizer
Rich Alvidrez General Helper
David Breda Assistant to organizer
Nick Siegler Crowd Control helper
Fabien Nicaise Crowd Control helper
Lorena Ornelas Crowd Control helper
Chris Landry Starter
Robert Denise Announcer
Charlene Paloma Check-in
Khoa Le Check-in
Daryl Victor Check-in
Jean Cheng Timer
Melissa Vick Timer
Anthony Lopez Timer
Kymie Tan Recording Secretary
Sue Finley Recording Secretary
Dan Klein Field Judge
Charlie Fisher Ask an Engineer
Steven Wissler Ask an Engineer
Olivia Dawson Set - up helper
Joseph Joe Set - up helper
John Segui Set - up helper
Oscar Gutierrez Set - up helper
Amelia Quon Photographer
Blaise Kuo Tiong Photographer
David Tuman Photographer
Victor Luo Videographer
Steven Nelson Videographer
Dave Taylor Judge
Glenn Beardsley Judge
Fabien Nicaise Safety Engineer

At the end of the awards ceremony, Pamela Huntoon, Education Advisor for LA City Councilwoman Jan Perry, presented a Certificate of Recognition to JPL, represented by Deputy director Gene Tattini, for hosting the Invention Challenge.

I look forward to next year's contest, which is already in the planning stages.

-Paul MacNeal
Contest Organizer