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JPL Annual Invention Challenge - 2004 Results
Welcome to the 2004 JPL Invention Challenge Results Gallery. Clicking on the entry numbers will provide notes from each contestant about what they invented, how they made it, and lessons learned from their invention. The title for this year's contest is the Bowling Ball Drop Contest. The objective of this year's contest was to create a device that moves an officially supplied 10-pound [4.5 kg] bowling ball from a 1.5-meter tall platform into a spring-loaded pan. The bowling ball must not crack, or in any other way, damage a raw egg that lies only 2 centimeters underneath the pan. The winner would be the contestant whose device accomplishes this task in the fastest time.

For the rules please Click Here!
For the results of the 2004 event, Click Here!

Questions related to this contest should be directed to: Paul MacNeal at: work phone (818)354-7824, FAX (818)393-1156, MS 157-500, located in Building 157-510, or e-mail to

2004 Photo Gallery
D2004_1203_C1469 D2004_1203_C1471 D2004_1203_C1481 D2004_1203_C1486
D2004_1203_C1497 D2004_1203_C1504 D2004_1203_C1509 D2004_1203_C1510
D2004_1203_C1522 D2004_1203_C1539 D2004_1203_C1545 D2004_1203_C1549
D2004_1203_C1553 D2004_1203_C1573 D2004_1203_C1592 D2004_1203_C1621
D2004_1203_C1638 D2004_1203_C1639 D2004_1203_C1645 D2004_1203_C1646
D2004_1203_C1657 D2004_1203_C1674 D2004_1203_C1677 D2004_1203_C1679
D2004_1203_C1686 D2004_1203_C1699 D2004_1203_C1702 D2004_1203_C1706
D2004_1203_C1714 D2004_1203_C1715 D2004_1203_T07 D2004_1203_T14
D2004_1203_T17 DSC00522 DSC00525 DSC00526
DSC00533 DSC00551 DSC00558 DSC00570
DSC00573 DSC00581 DSC00590 DSC00592
DSC00596 DSC00597 DSC00605 DSC00611
DSC00612 DSC00615 DSC00619 DSC00623
DSC00628 DSC00645 DSC00647 DSC00652
DSC00656 DSC00663 DSC00685 DSC00690
DSC00694 DSC00696 DSC00699 DSC00700a
DSC00703 DSC00704 DSC00707 DSC00708
DSC00709 DSC00710 FWC_parked PC032751
PC032756 PC032757 PC032760 PC032761
PC032762 PC032765 PC032766 PC032767
PC032768 PC032775 PC032778 PC032788
PC032790 PC032798 PC032801 PC032818
PC032820 PC032829 PC032839 PC032848
PC032857 PC032858 PC032860 PC032861
PC032864 PC032876 PC032877 PC032883
PC032884 PC032885 PC032896 PC032915
PC032918 PC032921 PC032922 PC032925
PC032933 PC032939 PC032940 PC032941
PC032942 PC032943 PC032956 PC032957
PC032960 PC032961 PC032962 PC032966
PC032972 PC032973 PC032974 PC032983
PC032984 PC032985 PC032986 PC032987
PC032990 PC033000 PickingUpCottonBalls PlacingBallAndEgg

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