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JPL Annual Invention Challenge - 1999 Participants
To All Participants and Volunteers:

Thank you for making the 2nd Annual Invention Challenge such a great success. I am truly thankful to you for all the hard work that went into making the entries and to the volunteers who helped to run the contest.

Click Here for the results of the contest. If there are any errors, let me know. Also, I have a VHS-format video tape which can be borrowed by emailing me at

Special thanks go to our judges, Glenn Beardsley of Uncle Milton Inc. and Dave Taylor of Disney Imagineering, for making the effort to come to JPL and participate in our contest.

In the next few weeks I will be asking the entrants to write up a little bit about their entry. The write-up should contain how the device worked, what materials were used, what were the most difficult challenges, how it could have been improved, etc. These write-ups will then be linked to the photo(s) in the website so that interested people can learn more about the entries.

I already have the general idea for next year's contest. I will try to release the rules in mid-August to allow more time for all JPL personnel and also the local high schools.

Again, thank you for all your donated time and effort for this year's contest.

Paul MacNeal

1999 Invention Challenge "Footbag Toss for Accuracy"

Entry Title of Entry Distance (cm) Award
9 Right on Baby 12.1 Closest & Most Artistic
5 Jolly Parcel Launcher 13.4 2nd Closest
6 Li'l Stinker 15.0 3rd Closest
18 The Five Meter Flingster 23.0  
17 Troy Warrior Flinger 24.3  
22 The Mouse-apult 25.5  
27 ACME Footbag Catapult 25.5  
23 The Old Tosser 27.8  
10   52.8  
16 Coin Toss 55.7  
15 K'nexTM Katapult 63.0 Lightest & Smallest
1 The Big Sucker 83.5  
20 The Portuguese Chowder Society 115.0  
13 Pandora's Box 157.2 Most Unusual & Largest
4 Pipeworks 377.5 Most Creative

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