The JPL Annual Invention Challenge is celebrating its twentieth anniversary. The title for this year’s contest is the “Upright Pipe Contest”. The objective and rules are listed below. Questions related to this contest should be directed to: Paul MacNeal at work phone (818) 354-7824, M/S T1723-118, located in Building T1723-128, or e-mail to


     - 2018 Rules
     - School Entry Form
     - JPL Employee Entry Form
     - School Video Release Form for Child
     - School Video Release Form for Adult
     - JPL Team Video Release Form for Child
     - JPL Team Video Release Form for Adult

Create a device that can position a plastic pipe that is resting on two support stands into a vertical position atop a small platform in under sixty seconds. The winner will be the team whose device places the pipe in the upright position in the fastest time while complying with all rules.

Trophies will be divided into two categories: JPL employees/family/contractor entries and school team entries. Trophies will be given for first, second, and third place for each category at all contests (regional contests and the JPL contest). Certificates will be issued for the lightest, heaviest, most unusual, most artistic, and most creative designs.